In areas of new York can receive prison

In areas of new York can receive prison

The mayor of new York bill de Blasio presented to the city Council 10-year plan of his administration for the closure of the island prison Rikers.

The plan involves the creation instead of Rikers smaller and humane correctional facilities.

De Blasio proposed to gradually reduce the number of prisoners in new York with 9,400 to 5000. Over the next three years the city will spend more than $ 30 million on a program to reduce the number of prisoners. It includes how the shipment in other prisons of persons convicted of minor crimes, and the room of prisoners with mental disorders in medical institutions.

«We are building a correctional system that is more humane and fairer,» said the mayor. According to him, the prison on Rikers island has a bad fame, there have been several scandals associated with the cruel attitude of prison officers to prisoners, writes of ASD.

In addition, de Blasio urged the city Council to take the initiative in developing potential sites for prisons on the basis of the boroughs of new York.

The speaker of the city Council Melissa mark-Viverito considers it «unfortunate» that de Blasio’s plan has no specifics on the replacement prison at Rikers. She called the closing of the Rikers critical for the city.

City Council member Rory Lancman (D-Queens) said the mayor invites the Council to engage atypical for him.

«As a rule, the Executive power is in the municipal land use, and the Council approves or imposes on him to veto,» he said Lancman.

Reference: Rikers – island-prison in the East river. Is the largest penal colony in the world, costing us taxpayers $860 million a year. The whole island is a complex of prison constructions.

On the island there are ten separate jails in the prison complex includes, besides the premises for detention, schools, playgrounds, chapels, gyms, shops, hairdressers, bakery, power station, bus depot and even a car wash.