Enterprising teenagers in the United States earn from $20000 a year

Enterprising teenagers in the United States earn from $20000 a year

How often do we hear complaints about low salaries or unloved work from friends! And complain most people who are over 30. They just have a lot to learn from adolescents, who in the truest sense of the word scalecoat in the US capital, while still in school. But what do these young entrepreneurs? It’s very simple – they replace broken screens on the iPhone. Agree that each of us, if not happened in the life of such excess (as then the phone fell on the asphalt, someone accidentally sat on the beloved iPhone), then surely there are a couple of friends who have this situation have already taken place.

To replace a cracked screen on a new one – the procedure is not cheap. But found out the young entrepreneurs. Spare parts (e.g. display module) are bought online in the drains and the sites through which people sell used things. For example, the iPhone can be damage the battery, but the whole stay screen. On average, replacing one screen of «ochumelov» costs about $ 200. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal one of these entrepreneurs, 16-year-old Grayson Show that prilovchilis to work, which can now replace the iPhone everything.

A day especially on summer vacation, Teens can change up to a dozen screens. Of course, demand may be less. But in General, it appears quite well – $20000 – $25000 per year (this despite the fact that the work covers mainly the holidays).

What happens next? Advanced Teens invest in stocks of it companies, including Apple. And while everyone’s thinking about how to change your life for the better – today’s generation is building a successful future at a very young age.