Secretary NYCHA arrested for drug possession: 1800 packets of heroin found in her apartment

43-year-old Michelle Flores, 20 years working in NYCHA, on Thursday was detained by police officers. In her apartment in Brooklyn in the course of the search found 1800 packets of heroin and $30 thousand in cash. In the evening the Manhattan criminal court to represent the Office of the special Prosecutor for drugs of the Department of investigation has charged her, and released without bail.

Over 35,000 NYCHA Residents Have Already Gone Without Heat This Fall

— Gothamist (@Gothamist) October 26, 2018

Information about the incident spread NY Daily News. According to her, the apartment Michelle Flores the cops came in the framework of the development of her friend. Javier Arroyo, with whom she lives together, has come to the attention of police when he tried to sell drugs secret agents of police. It was organized by observation, and receiving a warrant, officers entered the apartment where he lived. 1800 packets of heroin seized, and both lived in the apartment of a citizen detained. In NYCHA to comment on the situation refused.

The scandal caught up with NYCHA at the wrong time when City Comptroller Scott stringer is suing against the Agency due to obstruction of the audit of heat supply systems. In the homes of NYCHA residents are constantly experiencing difficulties with heating. Critics believe that the Agency misappropriated city money. The situation with Michelle Flores further casts a shadow on the reputation of the management of NYCHA.

[email protected] de Blasio announces 62,000 @NYCHA apartments to receive comprehensive repairs:

— City of New York (@nycgov) November 19, 2018

Mayor De Blasio recently announced plans to transfer control of housing on NYCHA to private developers, believing that they can work more transparent than the current in NYCHA management staff.