The wider Pentagon opened its doors to holders of green Cards

American troops had a Directive of the Pentagon, allowing you to recruit holders of green Cards without additional rigorous tests that were ordered earlier. In November in the district court for the Northern district of California judge John Tigar issued an interim ban on these tests, and that the military did it.

Pentagon issues directive to send thousands of green-card holders to recruit training: report

— The Hill (@thehill) February 4, 2018

Two years ago, President Donald trump has initiated a Directive requiring wished to serve in the armed forces of the United States holders of green Cards to pass additional checks. Writes BuzzFeedNews, despite the fact that the troops are constantly in need of professionals, especially in some specialties, thousands of people remained in limbo. They had a preliminary call to the vacancy, but they could not go to study in military centers until the queue for the test and its results. Waiting for many could reach almost a year — all this time the army and Navy waited for the recruit or give jobs to other candidates.

The wider Pentagon opened its doors to holders of green CardsThe holders of green Card will be taken to the barracks in the coming months

Today, among the countries whose natives, as the holder of a green Card, serving in the us army, the leaders are the Philippines, China, Jamaica, Nigeria and Mexico. The white house, introducing restrictive measures meant countering a possible leak of military information to China or to countries where terrorist movements developed. However, the American civil liberties Union and lawyers from the group of Latham & Watkins LLP considered this a violation of rights and filed a lawsuit in June of this year. The court in California headed by John Tigara 16 November, decided that the means of verification, required for registration, green Card, enough, the law does not require any additional control measures, and the Pentagon was not able to explain why it believes that the risks of information leakage through holders of green Cards he appears taller than US citizens. (This is not the first problem for trump, created by this California judge. As reported by the, Jon Tigar in November its decision to suspend the ban trump for asylum to illegal immigrants at the border).

Today ABC News reported the words of the press Secretary of the Pentagon Carla Gleason: «Recruits LPR will be appointed for initial training in the same way as any other recruits, based on the availability of training slots, dates of public classes, quotas on the career field and the preferences of employees, which may affect the ship date of a particular person. There are more than 1,000 recruits from various services, not including the army which are under development to go to basic training.»

As reported today by the Washington Post, citing sources in the armed forces, according to information received, on 30 November a new Directive in the next two months will be credited 1154 holder green Card for training in the Navy, 1062 in the marine corps, and several thousand in the air force and other forces.