Burger King has prepared a present for Christmas for McDonald’s

In the protracted war Burger King and McDonald s the situation deteriorated to the extreme. Burger King struck a sophisticated painful blow to the enemy with the use of new mobile technologies. Running the application using which, all who are close to McDonald’s (not more than 600 feet), can obtain Burger King’s Whopper with a huge discount.

This hard trolling was not. If you find yourself near McDonald’s and wanted a big Mac, remember that thanks to this application you can enjoy Burger King’s Whopper discount. Then the phone will receive a message indicating where the nearest Burger King, where you can buy food discount coupon. The price for a Burger may be just a few cents. The campaign started yesterday and will run until 12 December, although may be extended.

Thank you @carlruiz & @BurgerKing!
A Whopper For A Penny!#WhopperDetour pic.twitter.com/cILSdi2hCC

— Harry Yeprem Jr. (@HarryFromCBus) December 5, 2018

In addition to the temporary effect of pulling customers, the plan of the campaign is to «get people on the app.» Marketers have noticed that people are not very willing to use the online ordering in the food, as it raises the General price tag of the meal by 20-25%. Perhaps trolling campaign will allow Burger King to turn the tide in their favor.