Uber driver arrested for rape of a drunk passenger

Uber driver arrested for rape of a drunk passenger

Police in Los Angeles arrested a 46-year-old driver of Uber – Alaric Spence, who took advantage of the fact that his 24-year-old passenger was drunk, swerved out of the way and exposed her to sexual violence. It happened last Friday, June 23.

That night, at about 03:00, Spence responded to a call in the Central part of the city. But instead to take a girl home to Hollywood, the driver went in the other direction – to a Motel in North Hollywood on Lankershim Boulevard. All this time the passenger was asleep in the back seat.

Uber driver arrested for rape of a drunk passenger

After Alaric Spence rented a room, he moved back to the sleeping client, locked the door and raped the victim.

When she came to, she was still in the Motel, but one. She could not understand where or how I got there, as later admitted to the police, which almost immediately caused in its Wake.

Law enforcement officers reviewed video from surveillance cameras outside the building and noticed Spence, carrying on his hands his passenger in a Motel. Due to this, law enforcement officers quickly managed to get «on the trail» of a rapist, and by the evening of the same day he was arrested.

Now the prisoner is awaiting trial while in custody. The amount of bail for his release is $1 million.

It is noteworthy that Spence previously, in the 90-ies, was brought to court, but for drug-related offences. And not once: he sold drugs in Los Angeles, Sacramento and Ventura.

However, neither the injured passenger or the investigators do not believe that in Friday’s incident, the driver of something mixed into his victim.

However, the police assumes that Spence could commit violence against their customers. The investigators took up the search for people which in this way could suffer at the hands of the driver.

Guide Uber is trying to help law enforcement in their investigation. It is known that in this company Alaric Spence held the position of driver for about six months.

According to California law, transport companies are forbidden to hire drivers who have been convicted of any criminal offense within the last seven years.