The Kurds have appealed for help to Putin and Assad

One of the key Kurdish leaders Aldar Xelil stated that he and his associates had in recent days, the contacts with partners in Russia and in Damascus in order to ask assistance in connection with the announced withdrawal of US troops from Syria.

«We have not solely relied on International forces. If they stay, they’re of help to us; if they don’t, we will defend ourselves.»
Says high-ranking SDF official Kursish, Aldar Xelil, in response to America’s plan of retreat from Syria. #TwitterKurds #Rojava

— Hawlati News (@HawlatiNews) December 20, 2018

The Kurds remain without American support, feel a deadly threat from Turkey, with which this nation is at war for tens of years for independence. Ankara has always been hostile to the armed groups of Kurds based in Syria, and now maybe is using the situation to violence.

Aldar Xelil told Reuters about negotiations with the representatives of Putin and Assad: «officials from Northern Syria, who went to Moscow last week, will soon make another trip, hoping that Russia will force Damascus to «fulfill their sovereign debt. Our contacts with Russia and the regime should seek clear mechanisms to protect the Northern border. We want Russia to play an important role in achieving stability.»

Syrian Army ‘raises the flag’ in country’s Kurdish province for 1st time since start of civil war

— md shohag (@mdshoha73604243) December 28, 2018

The withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria, stated trump, has already met a storm of criticism of the military and diplomats, many of whom resigned in protest against this, in their view, betrayal, the old and faithful allies of the Kurds. The threat of Turkish attacks against them are quite real, and the methods of the Turks can be violent. Turkey and the Kurds are fighting 70-ies of the last century because of the amenities and status of the Eastern regions of Turkey inhabited by Kurds. The dream of the Kurds — a divided people, living on the territory of Turkey, Iraq, Syria to create their own state. In recent decades, the Kurds actively supported the US in Iraq and Syria, spilling the blood, in exchange for promises of Washington politicians to help the Kurds realize this dream. The last time the Kurds were betrayed after the defeat of Iraq, now they are betrayed after the defeat of the ISIL, leaving the victim of Turkish troops.

Today marks the annevirsary of Roboski massacre by Fascist Erdogan. Killed 34 kurdish civilians.

— Kurdistan News (@Kurd88News) December 28, 2018

However, the exit of Syrian troops Assad to the Northern borders of the country and control over the territory, now under the protection of the United States, is not only dangerous dictator of Damascus will strengthen and weaken US influence. This will provide additional opportunities for Iran to influence the situation and threaten American interests in Iraq, and the Kurds will give up on the mercy of the discretion and mercy of the Assad regime that this charity is renowned for. For Damascus, the Kurds are still state-owned traitors.

Bursa Chief Prosecutor»s office have denied the 775th application of the attorneys made to visit PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan

— maenglish (@maenglish7) December 26, 2018

The idea of the Kurds appeal for help to the Russian and their friend Assad is not so new. The Kurds at the time actively supported Turkey against the Soviet Union, which was created and armed Kurdistan workers party guerrillas in Eastern Turkey in the 80-ies of the last century. The militants had received training in the Soviet experts, was hiding and was treated in Moscow. But from Moscow and began the sad story of treachery and deceit of the Kurds are strong allies. After all, Putin, who is now traveling the Kurdish representatives in the beginning of his presidential career, so to speak, «passed» Turkey of many soldiers who fought for Kurdistan, along with their leader Ocalan, who since 1999 is still serving a life sentence in a Turkish prison on the island of Imrali.