The former head of the MOSSAD’m sure the Russians interfered in the elections in the United States

Tamir Pardo, former chief of the Israeli secret service MOSSAD, said he was confident in the correctness of assumptions about the intervention of Russian trolls in the US presidential election in 2016. «Russia has deployed tens of thousands of bots to influence the US elections in 2016, in favor of Donald trump» — expressed his viewpoint Pardo.

Former Mossad Chief Tamir Pardo: «When non-conventional weapons are used to interfere elections — We are going to lose our democracy»

— Samuel Sabbah (@Samuel_Sabbah) December 19, 2018

«What we’ve seen so far against bots, and distortion of information is just the tip of the iceberg. This is the biggest threat in recent years, and it threatens the core values that we share, democracy and the global order established after the Second world war», — with these words the former head of the Mossad made in the leading Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

Talking about the bots went to digital conference to The Marker, where speakers discussed the use of bots and fake information on the Internet, calling it a global problem for democracies. Pardo as an example, brought the history of the US elections 2016.

While Tamir Pardo urged not to think that Russians love trump: «they looked at the political map in Washington and I was wondering which candidate we would like to see in the White house? Who will help us achieve our goals? And they chose him. Trump may think that the bots worked in his favor, but it’s the same bots that can overthrow him. Politicians hold the key to ending the chaos created by bots».