In Chicago spotted the three-deer (photo)

In Chicago spotted the three-deer (photo)

In the night from Monday to Tuesday on the waterfront in Chicago , opposite Wolf Point appeared a huge deer.

With a height of over three meters and more than six meters in length, it’s eerily similar to this, I say Chicago.

In Chicago spotted the three-deer (photo)

«When I saw him, even scared,» says Lisa Berkelhammer. «He’s very realistic. I don’t think it’s beautiful.»

Some passers-by was another point of view.

«I think it’s beautiful,» said Satya Anne, stopping to admire the sculpture. However, after a pause added: «But, of course, I think it’s too big».

Passers-by wondered why deer, some speculated that once, a couple of centuries ago, the river was infested with deer.

In the end Chicago Sun-Times managed to figure out how «grow legs» at the deer.

The sculpture is made of fiberglass and epoxy resin created by the artist Tony Cassetawho now teaches at the University of Illinois, in 2015.

When «Deer» was exhibited in Miami, someone called it «Godzilla in the realm of the deer».

In Chicago it was transferred temporarily from the Museum of American art Crystal Bridges in Arkansas. In the windy City the animal will stay until mid-November.

PS. The cubs have not decided if it’s a boy or a girl.

FYI there is a giant f—— deer on the Chicago River bank

— Dan Johnson (@DanLobbies) June 27, 2017