Today, new Yorkers will Express all that think about work metro

Today, new Yorkers will Express all that think about work metro

This morning , the transport company MTA again reported «major delays» on lines A, B, C and D, caused by yesterday’s derailment on 125th street in Harlem. And despite the fact that many passengers are still trying to get to work, community activists are calling angry passengers stop to put up with this state of things and to give the officials whatever they think about the problems of the metro. Everyone will gather today under the office of the Governor of new York Andrew Cuomo — who controls the MTA, despite his recent assurances to the contrary.

But the most interesting is that the Governor in new York. According to his schedule, he is currently in Albany.

Today, new Yorkers will Express all that think about work metro

Organizers say that people will demand that the Governor, or rather his representatives, to develop a plan to solve the problems of the subway and to allocate the necessary funds. Activists say that it is finally time to encourage the authorities responsible for months of delays and problems with the trains, the apex of which was the accident with the train line F.

Dear @MTA can you plz teleport me to midtown thx

— Mike Cefalo (@mike_cef) June 28, 2017

Governor Cuomo has long refrained from commenting after yesterday’s incident in the subway. Only in the second half of the day at his office issued a statement about the derailment, which Cuomo called «an unacceptable illustration of the current state of the system».

Regardless of the cause of the accident (the official version is improperly secured spare piece of rail, which was on the way out), the passengers are already beginning to consider the problems in the subway standard a situationthat is not acceptable. The authorities should provide the public with a specific plan that will help to bring the subway system back in order.

Activists say Cuomo should rectify decades of underfunding in the current budget of the metro instead of spending money on the financing side of the projects, including the repair of the airport and non-cash payment use of bridges and tunnels.

The rally will be held today at 18:15 in front of Cuomo’s office at 633 Third Avenue between 40th Street and 41st Street.