The passenger and the new York MTA requires $5 million

The passenger and the new York MTA requires $5 million

Due to the fact that last Tuesday, two wagon trains in the new York Metropolitan line Andderailed in Harlem, 34 people were injured.

Later, the transport company MTA said that the incident guilty human factor, and prevent unsafe location of the spare rails from the transport pathways workers were suspended from work on Wednesday.

The passenger and the new York MTA requires $5 million

Meanwhile, one of the injured passengers, Bus Tucker, decided to request from company a compensation for damages and plans to file legal action against the company in court.

According to her lawyer, Sanford Rubenstein, the woman received a serious injury of the intervertebral disc and neck, as well as psychological and emotional trauma.

She accuses the company of MTA in a “reckless, careless and negligent” maintenance of the metro system.

The amount that Tucker wants to specify the price of the claim is $5 million. That’s the amount she is going to spend on treatment and coverage for any loss of profit which it could receive.

“It is time to stop just talking, and that the MTA has made every effort to ensure the safety of movement of trains for the people of our city,” said Sanford Rubenstein.

He added: “the MTA is in debt to all the people of new York.”

Today at noon will be held a press conferencewhere attorneys Tyres Tucker, and she will tell you more details about the lawsuit.

It is known that at the moment the woman is the only one of the victimswho decided to go to court.