In new Mexico recorded outbreak of plague

In new Mexico recorded outbreak of plague

Department of health new Mexico has officially confirmed two new cases of the plague among the people. Earlier in June, another sick man.

All the sick are older people: currently under observation are two women aged 52 and 62 years male, 63 years old. Patients hospitalized, there were no deaths. All three victims lived in the district of Santa Fe.

In new Mexico recorded outbreak of plague

Chief veterinarian at public health Gender Ettestad said that carriers of the plague there may be fleasthat live in the County of Santa Fe, as well as in areas within the city of new Mexico.

Petsthat owners allow to wander freely through the streets and hunting, can pick up infected fleas from they caught rodents and can bring infection into the house, endangering the people of new Mexico.

The health workers conducted environmental investigations in the homes of three patients to ensure the safety of their immediate family and neighbors.

Plague usually is transmitted to humans through the bites of infected fleas. However, the disease can be transmitted through direct contact with other infected animals, including rodents and Pets. The first symptoms of plague include sudden fever, then chills, headache and weakness.

Plague is infamous worldwide disease epidemic which caused the death of millions of people in Europe a few centuries ago. Currently contagious disease can be treated effectively with antibiotics, however, if you start a situation, the serious consequences including death.

The plague came to new Mexico not for the first time in recent years. In 2016, there were recorded four cases of disease; fortunately, while there were no deaths. Four cases have been reported in 2015, and one patient died.