Bad microbleeding: mother of three dumped lover after she had 4 eyebrows

42-year-old Jamie Ledbetter of Kansas city (mo) after a bad experience of microbleeding decided to remind everyone that you must first read reviews before going for any cosmetic procedure.

The woman told WDAF-TV that was very worried when her daughter gave her a Groupon for $250. Ledbetter then appealed to the woman who claimed that she is a certified specialist in the field of microbleeding techniques of the beauty eyebrow tattooing.

«It looked like I was constantly surprised,» said Ledbetter.

The end result is not only ruined her confidence, but also led to the end of her romantic relationship.

«I would never wish that on my worst enemy,’ she said about her uneven eyebrows folded. — I was devastated. I even met the guy, but he stopped to see me.»

Bad microbleeding: mother of three dumped lover after she had 4 eyebrows42-year-old Jami Ledbetter

Getting help from several licensed masters tattoo, Ledbetter found the right doctor.

Kara Gutierrez removed the eyebrow of the victim with the help of a product called LIFT, lightening, pigment. The Ledbetter had to pay more than $ 1,000 for this procedure.

According to police, the employee lounge, which asked the woman soon left the job of a beautician.