The legendary singer took a beginner musician

The legendary singer took a beginner musician

Scottish singer Annie Lennox has shared on his page on Facebook funny letter from American radio stations.

«I accidentally came across your music online and I really liked what I heard!», writes responsible for a new music coordinator of radio station Los Angeles, with «more than 100 000 unique listeners per month», as just Kylie.

«I’m looking for artists who, in my opinion, have the potential to be played on our station…», — writes the author of the letter and invites the singer to send the mp3 of her latest single, she, Kylie, was able to talk about the possible rotation with the program Director, one Glenn.

In principle, there is nothing so strange there — many budding musicians would be happy to receive such a letter, regardless, would agree in the end Glenn twist their latest single, or sent them to mp3 would have remained unheard among the hundred thousand unique customers in a month.

«I think I have a chance ??!!!», — wrote in his caused a storm of emotions among subscribers post Annie Lennox, a four-time Grammy award-winner, the title of «Most successful musician in the UK» awards «Oscar» and «Golden globe», which is in the list «100 greatest artists of all time according to Rolling Stone.»

Well, maybe Kylie did not disappoint professional flair and the singer, who sold more than 80 million albums worldwide and released albums that became gold in USA and platinum, there really is a chance to get into radio rotation Los Angeles, whose name, as a surname Glenn, 62-year-old star did not disclose.