Goof in the new «spider-Man» will notice only true new York

Goof in the new «spider-Man» will notice only true new York

Wednesday, June 28, in the world, rolling out a new and so long-awaited by all fans of comics and kynoselen Marvel Hollywood blockbuster from Director Jon watts – «spider-Man: the Return home» (Spider-Man: Homecoming).

Three years after the eponymous superhero of the tape from Sony with Andrew Garfield in the title role (The Amazing Spider-Man 2), to the big screen once again the film goes, entirely dedicated to our «friendly neighbor» from Queens.

Goof in the new «spider-Man» will notice only true new York

For anybody not a secret that this time the franchise is faced with the third restart, and the new Peter Parker was a 21-year-old Tom Holland. British actor has already managed to catch the fancy of many spectators in the image of spider-man when he appeared in some episodes of last year’s painting of Captain America (Captain America: Civil War).

But there’s something that always remained the same in all the movies and even cartoons about spider-man. And it’s gorgeous views of the Big Apple and the landmarks of the city.

For example, in the trailer showed us that one of the struggles of a superhero with the enemy in the name of Vulture occur near the Wonder Wheel attraction at the legendary Luna Park in Coney island.

Particularly attentive viewers will also be able to see the trains of the subway lines N and W at quinsam area of Astoria and triboro bridge, which is already nine years referred to as the «Bridge of remembrance Robert F. Kennedy».

It is impossible not to remember and the bright orange ferry that travels between Manhattan and Staten island – The Staten Island Ferry. The second official trailer we have made it clear that one of the key scenes of the film, after which Peter Parker will lose his superhero costume, will take place on the ferry. And no, this is not a spoiler.

However, it is with the ferry and has one of the bloopers in the film. To recognize the error of filmmakers can not everyone, but only those who have been living in new York city or knows the city.

The fact that the new York ferries do not carry cars for more than fifteen years. And in the film on Board The Staten Island Ferry just to see at least a dozen cars and even a motorcycle. After the massive explosion, they’d all be at risk of flooding in the waters of new York Bay.

Well, let’s hope that this is one of those few unreliable which is really difficult to avoid the complex process of film production. Usually such errors do not affect the plot or spoil the viewing experience.

By the way, the specified goof did not prevent critics rather to commend the new film about spider-man. For example, a popular web site about cinema Rotten movie rating is 7.7 out of 10.