Amazon from July will accept the return of goods through all the Kohl’s stores in the United States

The Department store chain Kohl’s will now accept returns of purchases made in the online giant Amazon for free. Products can be returned for any reason and are not required to be packaged or labeled for shipping. The service will be available in all Kohl 1150 stores in the US starting in July.

Amazon began collaboration with Kohl’s in 2017, is testing a back program in 100 stores in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Milwaukee. At the same time, Kohl began to sell some Amazon products like Kindles and Echos. «Amazon and Kohl’s have in common a passion for providing excellent service to customers, and this unique partnership combines a strong nationwide presence and capabilities of the Kohl’s stores around the world covering the Amazon, and customer loyalty,» says the statement of the chief Executive officer of Kohl’s, Michelle Gass.

[email protected] announces expansion of Amazon’s Returns to all Kohl’s stores nationwide

— Kohl’s News (@KohlsNews) April 23, 2019

Return of goods — a complex organizational challenge for which you don’t want to do online shopping. But Amazon, thinking it will get a huge competitive advantage, covering the array of consumers, which is afraid to make a valuable purchase online. The main reason of fear — the inability to return the purchase to the store if it was not exactly what she was waiting for the buyer.

Amazon from July will accept the return of goods through all the Kohl’s stores in the United Statesshutterstock

Kohl’s benefits from the transaction, after receiving the influx of new potential buyers. Those who come to return the goods to Amazon, perhaps something will buy once in the shopping arcade of shops. Kohl’s shares rose Tuesday on news about the program of return of Amazon, and analysts thought that this step was correct. «Better to swim with the shark» — the words of analysts Citi Research the Associated Press.

NPR, referring to Earnest Research, notes that a few months after the Kohl’s stores in Chicago have begun to accept returns, Amazon as part of a pilot project, their revenue growth began to outpace the rest of the United States, as well as increased sales, transactions and traffic buyers.