New far-right star YouTube — 14-year-old girl from California

«I am a loyal supporter of the Prophet Muhammad. — says in her video dressed in a hijab 14-year-old blogersha under the name of Sof — And I must say that having a good time. Of course, I from time to time raping my 40-year-old husband, and I have to worship the black cube, to please the ancient Canaanite God, but I can from time to time to travel to San Francisco and throw stones at gays. Police still do not do this because a California reigns crypto-Caliphate.»

YouTube has removed the 20-minute video called Be Not Afraid for «violating company policy regarding hate speech» a day after appearing on BuzzFeed, a publication critical of Sof and politics video platform, refusing to block her account.

«Last year, users and — for YouTube more important, advertisers began to demand that the company’s management is held accountable for exploiting children and giving them free access to the toxic content. — the author writes Joseph Bernstein — But this video confirms that YouTube knows another way to hurt the children: to enable them to Express radical views before the world. Here’s how to look like victims of propaganda when you engage in propaganda.»

This is not the first scandal around razgrebli Sof, which to date, more than 880 thousand of subscribers (the following material on BuzzFeed, the number had increased by 10%). Last month, when YouTube has deactivated comments on owned kids channels, in the framework of the policy for the protection of minors from pedophiles — the girl was published calling 12-minute video addressed to the CEO of the platform, Susan Wolitski.

«Susan, I know your address since last summer, says Soph, turning to Wolitski — I Have mitochondrial disease and a Luger pistol. I don’t care whether I live. So what’s the difference, will to live you and your children? I just called Uber. You have seven minutes to write a will. <…> I’m coming for you, and it will be something.»

After the video informed the leadership of the YouTube channel the girls are checked for policy violations content platforms. Sof for a week have been unable to post new videos, and the entry with the threats to Wolitski removed, but already published at that time Be Not Afraid left, and other videos that contain offensive language — including homophobic and racist.

After the appearance of the article Bernstein video platform is still quickly removed, Be Not Afraid, but against the rest of the clips continues to stand his ground. Under the leadership of YouTube, most of the content of the Sof is not contrary to their rules.

«YouTube is an open platform where everyone can publish videos as long as they comply with our policy. — said official representative of the company in comments to the Daily Mail — These videos include content that may seem offensive to some users».

Among other rules YouTube — lock all accounts belonging to children under 13. However, Sof has created its own channel at the age of 9 and became famous long before reached the required for the registration of the age, appearing in the titles of online publications.

«The future face of YouTube»

In real life Sof — high school student living in the Bay Area. According to the girls, their videos, she mounts alone, but the script works with the «coauthor» named Vaporub Boy.

Beginning her online career was not related to politics: 5 years ago, Sof was known as streamer LtCorbis working on video game reviews Call of Duty and Counter Strike. The girl maintained a popular YouTube vlogery, and in 2016, the Daily Dot published an article called «a quick-witted and sharp-tongued» gamers «future of YouTube». According to critics vlogers, these words were somewhat prophetic, and the aggressive rhetoric of Sof is really quite exhaustively characterizes today’s stars platform.

Remember LtCorbis? The edgy 12 year old commentator from back in the day? This is her now. Yikes.

— NFKRZ 🇷🇺 (@roman_nfkrz) April 2, 2019

In April 2019, utuber NFKRZ announced in his Twitter that he found the account of Sof in the app for gamers Discord, where she was registered under the name lutenant faggot (Lieutenant g*MIK). Left in the chat comments, the girl writes that dreams of a day when «in the Midwest will finally drop the atomic bomb», regrets that there is no «Hitler for Muslims, who sent them all to the gas chambers» and calls the genocide of Arabs — «service to society».

NFKRZ refers both to a message purportedly left by its co-author. He expressed support for Brenton Harrison of Tarrant that killed at least 40 people in the mosques to Christchurch, advising victims of the attack «go to hell».

Video and interview of utubers describes itself as «far-right» «an anarchist and a capitalist». When Sof is not talking about politics, talking about their problems — the same as most 14-year-old girls. She admits that she is unhappy in school, shares her feelings on moving from new York to California and complains of health problems, which misses classes.

«She is smart, lonely and frustrated 14-year-old. — writes in his article Bernstein — This combination is often looking for trouble, that’s just not the stupidity monetized via Patreon and advertising [on YouTube]. Not all stupidity is being watched by millions».

How-to videos and political views of the Sofas are in the family of the girl is unknown. Blogersha claims that at least one of the parents does not share her views and voted in the election in 2016 for Hillary Clinton. However, according to Schoolgirls, older never undergo serious conversations about the content of commercials.

What’s next

Sof already assured subscribers that, no matter what, I will continue to shoot a new video. This promise was echoed by some selections from Be Not Afraid, urging her peers not to pay attention to online criticism and ignore the political correctness.

«We [generation Z] grew up with the Internet at hand. No centralized source of information that decides what we think. says the teenager in the video — We’re not lazy, we are able to filter out the truth. No one washes children’s brains, they just have free access to any data, and this is nothing you won’t do it.»