Uber launches service «silent mode», which will cause drivers to be silent during the trip

The company Uber introduced a number of new features, including the ability to ask the driver to shut up, if you agree to pay for the trip in silence a little more.

New services, including Luggage assistance and temperature regulation is only available to passengers of Uber Black and Uber Black SUV. Trip premium Uber Black ensures a modern car, black in color, professional drivers and can cost up to 3 times more expensive compared to ordinary travel.

«Silent mode», which the company launched in cooperation with the home Economics guru Martha Stewart, allows passengers to ask the driver not to engage them in conversation.

The company commented on the new opportunity: «If you need to answer emails or you just want to take a NAP, you can provide yourself a quiet trip with just one click. If you are in the mood to talk, and there is an option».

If customers agree to pay for the trip a little more, you also will be able to ask the Uber driver to wait in the car for a bit longer in case of any «unexpected delays.»

Uber noted that efforts to improve the company’s services was based on feedback from customers who said that they would like to be able to Express their preferences drivers before you travel. The drivers themselves, in turn, also stated that he would like to know about the wishes of the clients to provide them with services of the highest quality.

Martha Stewart, which he described in his Instagram a rather unpleasant ride Uber in November 2018, posted on Twitter, expressing his approval of the new service.

«Have you heard of house music, but I prefer music homework. And when I go on a trip, I prefer Uber Black to be able to ask the driver to help me with the bags,» she said in the ad.

A representative of Uber said CBS MoneyWatch: «Our partnership with Martha Stewart based on her experience of using the service premium».