«You’re ugly»: the employee of the airport security handed offensive note to passenger

The employee of security service of the airport of new York lost his job after a passenger handed a note that says «You’re ugly».

At the end of June Neil Strasner passed through the checkpoint at the international airport in Rochester, when an employee of the security service handed him a torn piece of paper with writing on it.

Strasner said he only recently received a copy of the video from the security camera from that day in accordance with the Law on freedom of information.

«I called the airport and tried to get information and they said I need to speak with the County,» he said Strasner on Friday. «I called the County and they said it was the only way I could get it.»

The note to Neil Strasner transferred to the airport in Rochester, new York.After the man passed through a checkpoint and started to leave, he heard a woman shouting to him as follows: «are You going to open the note?»

Strasner, who lives in Rochester and travels weekly as a technical coordinator, said this morning he was on his way to Wichita. The man said that in the second half of the day called the airport to file a complaint. But when I came and met with the head of security, he had the impression that he didn’t believe him.

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The employee who handed him the note, he worked in the Corporation VMD, a security company based in Virginia and signed a contract with the transportation security administration. Strasner said that the company promised to contact him about the case till August 13. When he didn’t get any news by Thursday, he uploaded a nearly two-minute video to Reddit. Within two hours the company contacted him, and the man attributes to it «the power of the Internet».

«The transportation security administration supports contractors in accordance with the highest ethical standards and does not tolerate such behavior, the statement reads ATB. — This case, which involved the employee under the contract, was investigated immediately after receiving a complaint from a passenger. The employee was fired.»