The girl was photographed for the Yearbook in a tuxedo and was left without a photo

Springville high school, in the County of St Clair, Alabama, was at the center of a gender scandal. The one of the high school was removed from the annual photo album.

The thing is that the photo shoot she came not as a classmate, in a velvet dress with V-neck and a tuxedo and bow tie for mens style.

The photographer did not say a word to her, but when she got the album, saw her name written with two errors flaunts to nothing. Instead of the photo was the inscription «no picture».

She was allowed to take her senior picture in a tuxedo, but #HolleyGerelds was placed in the «not pictured» section of the #SpringvilleHighSchool yearbook.🧐The #yearbook will be reprinted to include all students (regardless of #wardrobe).#ourtimeisnow #womenaretough

— Women Are Tough (@WomenAreTough) August 21, 2019

Holly Gelders disappointed but not particularly surprised. The girl-the lesbian said: «People belonging to the LGBT communities are often victims of persecution and discrimination. Sometimes they are even killed.» Gelders believes that has done nothing wrong. In men’s clothes she went from childhood, after all, so she’s comfortable and familiar. Besides, she paid for the photo album and sees no reason to own a Yearbook without photos.

Around the school Springville high has inflamed grave scandal, and on the episode about gender-based discrimination local authorities reacted. Mike Howard, head of the school district of the County of St. Clair, wrote: «guide to the yearbooks are developed by each school and the district does not control these decisions at the micro level. But in the future this procedure will be changed.» By order of Howard all albums will be reprinted, pictures of Holly would be placed where it should be, and error in her name will be corrected.

It is remarkable that she says: she didn’t want to bring trouble to the school administration and to be in the midst of the scandal.