The bride fulfilled the dream of the dying groom and married him at the hospital bed for 4 days before death

Martin Simmons and his girlfriend Tina for a long time been planning a lavish wedding in Cuba — but the grandiose plans went awry.

Their story seemed flawless: childhood friends fell in love when they were 12, broke up the will of fate and was found many years later. In 2017, Martin made an offer.

Everything changed in a terrible accident at work men, which occurred only a year before the ceremony. Martin received a terrible brain injury and was confined to a life support machine. Soon the doctors had told the bride a disappointing diagnosis: his days are numbered.

Then Tina decided to spend their remaining with the groom time to make the dream a life and still get married.

The ceremony was played at the hospital bed. Tina, as expected, has appeared in a magnificent dress with a bouquet. The oath was read by the groom for his friends, and the ring on the bride’s finger put on her son Tommy. There was even a wedding cake.

Four days later, Martin died. Tina stayed with him until the end and held his hand when he took his last breath.

«Agreeing to marry him, I gave Martin one last promise. — says the woman — I was obliged to put it into practice».

Tina knows that by law they were not husband and wife, but still considers himself a Martin and his wife even took his name, becoming Tina Simmons. She hoped that the memory of her husband will live on after his death — thanks to Tina and told a story.