A man proposed to his girlfriend in fast food, wearing the ring on the nuggets

Bride-to-be posted a photo of the original way of how her beloved proposed to her.

Her future husband bought her lunch at her favorite fast food store, Raising Cane»s, and she also got the chips and dip in its polystyrene box.

But instead of ignoring his offer, she appreciated his efforts.

«One day he left early from work and brought me lunch, she wrote. — I opened the box and BAM, the ring on fried chicken. It was nice».

The bride also told that the offer was not to her surprise, as she accidentally learned about the decision of the guy.

Despite the setback, she was delighted by his suggestions.

The ring in the chicken nuggets were placed in a group in Facebook That’s It I’m Shaming Proposal. Most people expressed the delight from this idea.

«Louisiana is one of the most romantic ways you can propose,» wrote one user.