The phone of a missing girl was found a mother who lied about the whereabouts of their children

Police in Idaho found the cellphone belonging to 17-year-old tailee Ryan, who together with her 7-year-old foster brother J. J. Wallo not seen since September. About this CBS News reported a source close to the investigation.

Her mobile was found in Hawaii with her mother Lori Wallo, which was considered by the interested person in this matter. The woman was on the island since it started investigation on the case about the disappearance of her two children.

Tailee and Jay was last seen in September 2019. According to police, it is believed that they are in danger.

Relatives who were concerned that he had not heard from JJ no news, called the police, and in November began an investigation. Wallow and her new husband Chad Daybell lied that their whole family is in Arizona with another family.

Rexburg police arrived to search the house of Dabelow in Idaho, but a couple «suddenly» moved to Hawaii.

The phone of a missing girl was found a mother who lied about the whereabouts of their childrenMissing children Joshua Vallo Tilly and Ryan. Source: Rexburg Police Department

About a month ago it turned out that the couple lied about the children, including telling witnesses that tailee died a year before her father, and of the fact that Wallow no minor children.

Phone tailee found once belonging to the things she and her brother were found in the vault.

Late husband of Vallow, Charles filed for divorce in February 2019 and accused the wife that it «from time to time a keen experience of death and spiritual visions», according to a document obtained by Fox 13. He also claimed that she threatened to kill him «if he gets in her way» during her mission as a God.

Five months after filing of application about divorce Charles Vallow was shot in Chandler (AZ), brother Laurie, Alex Cox. Cox died in December.

Debella wife, Tammy, was also found dead at his home in Fremont County on 19 October, a few weeks after JJ and tailee went missing. Sudmedekspertizy first stated that the death was natural, but the police later exhumed her body.

Anyone who has information about the children, please call the Rexburg police number 208-359-3000 or report it to the national center for missing and exploited children.