The guy published a photo of a black substance that flowed over it. It turned out to be the blood of long-dead neighbor

The residents of this apartment puzzled over the fact that black, sticky, resinoid substance with a horrible smell flowing on their wall. It was later revealed that liquid was the blood of a manwho died two weeks ago.

Ajay Maccready tweeted a creepy photo of bloodstains on the wall of the apartment he shares with Evin Schultz in Minneapolis (Minnesota). He signed photo: «My apartment recently smelled horrible, and I just found out that the guy living above me has been dead for two weeks. His body was discovered only after his blood had seeped through the ceiling in our apartment.»

AJ said: all he knows is that the upstairs neighbor died in his sleep.

«When we saw this, then immediately called a plumber. He said he has no idea what the hell it could be. He went to the apartment on the floor above, to see whether they have the same problem, and that’s when the body was discovered».

Update: the tenant above me died, I repeat DIED 2 weeks ago and it. Was. His. blood!!!!

— Evin Schultz (@piggyyazalea) February 5, 2020

Although the name and cause of death of the neighbor Maccrady not disclosed, the representative of police of Minneapolis John elder said that the initial investigation confirmed no signs of crime.

Roommate A. J., Evin Schultz also posted a video of how the blood flows along the wall, comparing it with scenes from «Paranormal activity» and «the Shining».

After a number of users have called the guy «insensitive», he reminded the commenters that did not know the details of the situation at the time of publishing the video.

«I was shocked when I found out what happened and in no way wanted to disrespect. For me it is a traumatic experience,» said Evin.