In the United States announced its readiness to build nuclear power

In the United States has promised to create the most powerful nuclear forces in the world. During a meeting with governors, the President of the United States Donald trump made a promise about creating the most powerful nuclear forces in the world in America. The us President said that, unless you signed an agreement with Russia and China, America has no other choice. But, according to trump and the head of the Russian Federation and the President of China intend to negotiate with America to stop the waste of money allocated for the building of nuclear power, reports

«We have super-fast rockets, a huge amount. They were five, six and even seven times faster than conventional missiles,» said trump.

Vladimir Ermakov, the head of the Department of the Russian foreign Ministry on issues of nonproliferation and arms control, also commented on the news, stating that the possibilities of both Russia and America, for the further nuclear disarmament has been exhausted.

The diplomat believes that further steps in resolving this issue may require intervention as the UK and France. These countries have nuclear weapons, they are military allies of the US. It should be noted that at this stage between the parties there is only one agreement, namely the Agreement on the reduction of strategic offensive arms (SNV-3). The validity period will expire in February 2021.