The couple with down syndrome celebrates 25th anniversary

Marianne and Tommy Pilling from Essex (England) — the elderly couple with down syndrome in the world — celebrated his 25th wedding anniversary.

48-year-old Marianne now helps care for her husband, 62-year-old Tommy with his sister, Lindy Newman (32 years old) and their mother Linda (69 years).

«The fact that they are still living independently and together feel great, it’s amazing. told sister Lindy, who works full time. But Tommy’s not sleeping, and although his memory is not so bad, it really changes the mood. It becomes obvious that his health is deteriorating rapidly».

According to Lindy, Tommy lost his family very young, so they took him under my wing about 30 years ago.

«It is part of the family, and their relationship is absolutely amazing,» she says.

The couple even has its own Facebook page, where more than 60 thousand subscribers. There is a detailed story about the relationship of Marianne and Tommy.

The first man proposed to his fiancée after a year and half after Dating, buying a toy ring from the vending machine.

«Maryann doesn’t remember life before Tommy. That day when she met him on her face was the biggest smile, and she couldn’t stop talking about him,» recalls sister.

When Julie and Tommy Pilling got married in February 1995, a lot of people were quite skeptical. The couple, believed to be the first Down’s syndrome duo to tie the knots, had dated for about one and a half years before they decided to make it offic …

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According to Lindy, with the approaching 25th wedding anniversary in July, their family is planning a big party.

«My wedding was the best day of my life. I was shocked when Tommy made the offer, but I didn’t have to think twice to say Yes. Tommy never argue. I love my husband. He’s my best friend» — says a happy wife.