In Tennessee, a drunken criminal armed with knives bit off a phalanx of a policeman’s finger

In Tennessee, a drunken criminal armed with knives bit off a phalanx of a policeman's finger

In Tennessee, a drunken criminal armed with two knives bit off part of a policeman's pinky finger during his arrest. Unfortunately, the finger cannot be restored by surgery.

On Saturday, June 6, at 6:40 pm, Kingsport police received a call complaining about a drunk person in a residential complex. The suspect behaved oddly and spoke indistinctly. The man was identified as 36-year-old Alex Jesse from Virginia. During the arrest, he resisted, biting several officers and using a stun gun on one of them.

Upon the arrival of the police, Jesse stated that he was the owner of one of the dwellings, but the administration of the residential complex claimed the opposite. Residents told police that Jesse wandered around the apartment complex, and when they asked him what he was doing, the man began to behave aggressively.

During the search, the police found Jesse with two knives — an awkward and a pocket. When the officers were interrogating, he became aggressive and began to resist arrest. There was a verbal skirmish between the suspect and the two police officers, as a result of which Jesse bit off a phalanx of the left pinky finger of one of them. He also managed to take away a stun gun and use it against the officers. Then he bit the second officer's hand.

As a result, the police managed to detain the suspect. As a result of the resistance, two officers and a police car were injured. Jesse and the wounded policeman were hospitalized. His finger could not be restored.

Jesse was charged with two counts of aggravated assault, hooliganism, vandalism and being drunk in a public place.