Transgender bishop, soccer player murder and 4 more news you might have overslept

Transgender bishop, soccer player murder and 4 more news you might have overslept

B An American football player was killed in Utah, a school was prevented from being shot at school in Florida, and a road was built in Michigan to charge cars while driving. Read today in the digest of USA.ONE magazine:

6 top US news you might have missed non-binary people in Pennsylvania and the recall of Hyundai vehicles from the US market.

Football player Transgender bishop, soccer player murder and 4 more news you might have overslept

During a house party in the US state of Utah, there was a shooting. The attacker severely injured a woman who is now in critical condition in the hospital and killed 21-year-old Aaron Lowe. He was a sophomore at the University of Utah and played for his football club number 22. The attacker managed to escape the scene. At the moment, the police are looking for him. The state governor has already expressed his condolences to the family of the deceased. Less than a year ago, in December 2020, Aaron's friend Ty Jordan, who played with him on the same team, was killed. In memory of him, Lowe began performing as number 22.

The teenagers were preparing the execution at their school Transgender bishop, soccer player murder and 4 more news you might have overslept

In Lee County, Florida, two Fort Myers junior high school students were arrested for intending to be shot inside the walls of an educational institution. This was announced by Sheriff Carmine Marseneau. One of the students saw a pistol in the student's backpack and reported it to the teacher, who called the police. During the search, no weapons were found, but the police seized from the suspects a plan of school premises with video surveillance cameras marked on it.

& # 34; We stopped the carnage at the planning stage. It could become the second Parkland, & # 34; — said Marceno.

The school where the teenagers prepared the massacre is just 2 hours from the Marjorie Stoneman-Douglas School, where 19-year-old Nicholas Cruz killed 3 teachers and 14 students in 2018. Detained schoolchildren are 13 and 14 years old. They looked into information about the 1999 Columbine, Colorado massacre, and also looked for information on the acquisition of firearms on the US black market and methods of making tube bombs. During a search of their homes, police found knives and a pistol.

According to the sheriff, both teenagers are well known to the police, who were called about 80 times at their place of residence. They are now in a juvenile colony. They have already been assigned a psychiatric examination.

A road will be built in the USA to find charging electric cars Transgender bishop, soccer player murder and 4 more news you might have overslept

The Department of Economic Development in Michigan has announced the launch of a project to build a pilot road section that can automatically charge electric vehicles. Thanks to the unique road surface, you don't have to worry about the charge level and the range. A wireless charging system built into the roadway will charge electric vehicles directly on the spot. According to the Michigan authorities, such an infrastructure will expand the possibilities of using battery vehicles.

In the near future, the acceptance of applications for the development, testing and implementation of the conceived technology will begin. To begin with, the state will build a 1.5 km track with built-in charging. If the experiment is successful, a similar road surface may appear on other highways in the region. Roads with wireless charging already exist in Karlsruhe (Germany), Tel Aviv (Israel) and the island of Gotland (Sweden). The technology lies in the fact that in the center of each lane at a depth of 8 cm from the surface of the asphalt magnetic coils and special receivers of different capacities are placed, which power electric vehicles while driving.

Hyundai recalls 95 thousand of its cars from America Transgender bishop, soccer player murder and 4 more news you might have overslept

Hyundai is recalling 95,515 vehicles from the US due to engine problems that could lead to fire. 82,268 Hyundai Tucson crossovers manufactured in 2017 and 13,247 Hyundai Sonata vehicles also produced in 2017 are subject to seizure. All are powered by a 2-liter Nu GDI hybrid engine made in South Korea.

& # 34; A manufacturing defect can lead to premature wear of the connecting rod bearings, which in turn will provoke a knocking in the engine and the oil pressure warning lamp lighting up, & # 34; — commented in the company.

Operating a car in this state is fraught with damage to the engine block and oil leakage. This can cause a fire, although most likely the engine will simply stall. However, while driving, it can cause an accident. Hyundai does not say whether there have already been such cases, but promises to install a new engine if any bearing defect is found.

For the first time, a transgender bishop became a bishop of the church Transgender bishop, soccer player murder and 4 more news you might have overslept

During a service at the Evangelical Lutheran Church held at the Cathedral of Divine Grace in San Francisco, the first open transgender, the Reverend Megan Rohrer, was declared a bishop. Now he will lead for 6 years one of 65 church synods, which includes about 200 congregations in northern Nevada and North Carolina.

The American Evangelical Lutheran Church is one of the largest in the United States. Its parishioners are 3.3 million people. Rohrer was formerly a pastor and chaplain for the San Francisco Police Department. He has two children and a wife and prefers to be referred to by the pronoun & # 34; they & # 34 ;. Megan said the following about his appointment:

& # 34; I will continue to do what I did before. The main thing is, if you allow me, I will love you and love what you love. I took over as a bishop because the Lutherans of North Carolina and Nevada prayed and took this historic step. My assignment means that anything is possible when we allow our Shepherd Lord to lead us forward & # 34 ;.

Pennsylvania students will be fined for mistreating transgender people Transgender bishop, soccer player murder and 4 more news you might have overslept

Students at Point Park University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, have been warned of penalties for misusing pronouns in relation to non-binary and transgender people. They received a letter informing them that disciplinary action awaits them in case of mistreating other people, including by their old names, which they had before the transition.

Students will be punished even if they misgendered did not happen on purpose. Many transgender and non-binary people prefer to be addressed with the pronoun & # 34; they & # 34 ;. University students were also encouraged to abandon the words & # 34; girl & # 34; and & # 34; boyfriend & # 34;, using the phrase & # 34; romantic partner & # 34; instead. A welcome address & # 34; ladies and gentlemen & # 34; replaced with & # 34; students and guests & # 34 ;.

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