Biden tightened the rules for taking a PCR test when entering the US

Biden tightened the rules for taking a PCR test when entering the US

Begins to spread across the US new strain of coronavirus Omicron, in connection with which President Joe Biden has taken several measures. First of all, they concern those entering the country, regardless of whether they are citizens or foreign travelers. Read today in USA.ONE magazine:

The States are tightening entry rules

What changes will come into force as early as next week?

In the US, the rules for taking the test for COVID-19 have changed />

In particular, Joe Biden decided that everyone entering the United States must take a PCR test for coronavirus a maximum of one day before arrival. Previously, this could be done no earlier than three days before the trip. This applies to absolutely everyone: vaccinated and not, US citizens and foreign tourists. At the same time, laboratory tests can take more time and cost more due to the urgency of obtaining the result of the analysis.

In addition, the wearing of masks remains mandatory on planes, trains, buses and other public transport. This rule will be in effect until at least mid-March. The President of the United States also announced a plan to combat the spread of COVID-19 in the winter. It involves receiving the third dose of the vaccine by the adult population of the country. Currently, 40 million Americans have received a booster shot, and another 100 are in no hurry to do so. According to Biden, there are 80,000 vaccination sites in the United States and 35,000 facilities where parents can vaccinate children aged 5 to 18.

"We have the best tools and vaccines in the world, the best medicines and doctors. We enter this winter in a better position than last year. We will meet the new strain with science and speed, not with chaos and confusion," — the president said and noted that his initiatives will help the US "leave this crisis behind".

The reason for the tightening of measures was the emergence and spread of a new strain of COVID-19 Omicron. In particular, it has already been recorded on the territory of the country. 5 cases of infection with "omicron" found in New York State. The virus made its way to Colorado and California from South Africa. And in Hawaii, it was found in a person who had not traveled anywhere and had not been vaccinated against the coronavirus. This means that it was infected within the country and its spread began among the local population. In all cases, the symptoms of Omicron were mild.

At the moment, a new strain has been found in almost 30 countries around the world. Scientists do not yet know how effective the existing vaccine is against it. To give them time to learn the features of the "omicron" and contain the wave of infection, the US authorities closed the entry for residents of 8 African countries, from where the new strain began to seep.

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