Online consultation with a psychologist in the USA

Online consultation with a psychologist in the USA

Increased anxiety, apathy, depression, self-doubt… Sound familiar? And this is only a small part of the problems that millions of people around the world face every day. Modern realities dictate high demands and unattainable ideals to us. Being in constant search for the «best» for ourselves, our children and loved ones, we often drive ourselves into a dead end.

In most cases, it is impossible to cope with psychological problems on your own, so it is extremely important to seek help from a qualified specialist in time. An experienced psychologist will find a solution to the problem, taking into account the individual characteristics of your personality, help you look at the situation from a different angle and restore harmony with yourself. And it is not necessary to contact a psychologist in the USA, Russian-speaking psychologists from ex-USSR countries have sufficient competence and will be happy to help you, for example, you can contact the online psychologist Natalya Prusakova from Belarus.

Benefits of consulting a psychologist via Skype

Thanks to modern technologies, you can talk with a psychologist not only in person, but also online via Skype or any other messenger. Remote consultations are in no way inferior to therapy in a psychologist's office. For many, this is even more comfortable and sometimes the only available option. After all, it is not always possible to find a Russian-speaking specialist in the USA, Great Britain, the Czech Republic and other countries.

Advantages of an online consultation with a psychologist via Skype:

  • the meeting is held at a convenient time for you and in a familiar home environment, where you will feel calm and relaxed,
  • no need to get anywhere — this is especially relevant if you have health problems or, for example, have no one to leave your children with,
  • you communicate in your native language with a person who is familiar with your mentality and culture,
  • maximum confidentiality, there is no chance of meeting other patients, colleagues or acquaintances,
  • the cost of online consultations is lower than face-to-face meetings with a specialist.

Is online therapy as effective as a personal consultation?

Since 2014, several studies have been conducted on this topic. On their basis, we can safely say that the results that are achieved in the process of online therapy are in no way inferior to personal consultations, and sometimes even surpass them. This is especially true in situations where emergency assistance is required, but there is no way to sign up for a face-to-face consultation with a specialist.

Do I need psychological help?

If you already have thoughts that you need to talk to a psychologist, we recommend do not delay. Psychological problems that are not worked out in a timely manner can develop into chronic ones, and any life situation can become a trigger, leading to irreparable consequences.

Contact a psychologist if:

  • you often experience depression or anxiety,
  • you do not know how to build personal boundaries and protect your interests,
  • no mutual understanding with children or other family members,
  • you have psychological problems associated with the move,
  • you don't feel the joy and zest for life as you used to,
  • any other state where you feel uncomfortable and vulnerable.

Having understood yourself, having found inner harmony, your life will sparkle with new bright colors, many opportunities will open before you that were covered by a veil of anxieties, problems, phobias.