The main attractions of America

The main attractions of America

The United States is a huge country that welcomes millions of tourists every year.

America's top attractions

They are natural wonders or created by a human genius.

WashingtonThe main attractions of America

The main city of the USA — Washington — the largest political, cultural and tourist center. Here is the White House — the world's only residence of the current head of state, open to tourists. The unique six-storey building impresses with the number and luxury of apartments. The most important political issues of the country are resolved in the famous Oval Office of the White House.

The most majestic building of the capital is the Capitol, which rises almost 90 meters above the city. The lobby has marble figures of prominent American figures. The building has 540 rooms, and a picturesque park is spread around.

New York

New York is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world. It is a city of contrasts and amazing diversity. On Liberty Island, not far from Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty is installed — a huge sculpture that has become a symbol of the country. Tourists need to climb 548 steps to be next to the statue on the observation deck, which offers a stunning panorama of the city.

Times Square is located in the center of Manhattan. This is the most crowded and visited by tourists place in New York. Broadway theaters are located here, the streets sparkle with neon advertising of popular world brands. If you come to New York on New Year's Eve, you can see how a crystal ball descends from the former Times building, symbolizing the beginning of the new year.

Los AngelesThe main attractions of America

Los Angeles is a city that symbolizes the embodiment of the American dream. Beverly Hills, Hollywood Boulevard, the Museum of Modern Art, where the "Oscar" award ceremony is held, the Wax Museum and the Guinness World Records Museum — all this is located in Los Angeles. The city is the center of the American film industry, world-famous stars in the world of fashion and show business live here. The beaches of Malibu and Santa Monica and the picturesque suburbs of Pasadena and Santa Barbara are world famous.

Grand Canyon

In the heart of the Arizona Desert, along the Colorado River, lies the Grand Canyon, one of the deepest in the world. The gorge appeared millions of years ago, its walls are sheer cliffs, columns and pyramids of various colors and shades. Recently, you can admire the beauty of the Grand Canyon from a transparent bridge. This unique horseshoe-shaped structure stands right on top of the cliff and attracts millions of tourists.

Yellowstone PreserveThe main attractions of America

On the territory of three states there is a corner of pristine nature — the Yellowstone Nature Reserve. This is one of the oldest and most beautiful parks in America, covering an area of ​​9,000 square kilometers. There are hot springs in the park. The most famous geyser has a height of over 90 meters of ejected column of steam and water. The reserve will amaze tourists with picturesque landscapes, numerous rivers and lakes, canyons and caves.

Niagara Falls

The world-famous Niagara Falls looks impressive in all seasons. It is made up of three waterfalls: American Falls, Veil Falls and Canadian Falls (aka Horseshoe Falls). The width of the lower Horseshoe Falls is almost 800 meters, and the height of all three waterfalls exceeds 130 meters. Upper American Falls is separated from Veil Falls by a small patch of land called Silver Isle. An amazing picture of a powerful stream of water rushing down delivers an unforgettable experience.

Mesa Verde ParkThe main attractions of America

The natural heritage of America is a national park in the state of Colorado, directly connected with the indigenous population of the mainland. Mesa Verde is located around the buildings of the Pueblo Indians, who have long been engaged in agriculture and hunting on these lands. Pueblo created unique dwellings in the rocks, now the largest complex of rock dwellings in North America is very popular with tourists.

The United States is full of amazing places. These are the Rocky Mountains in Idaho and Colorado, the Great Plains of Kansas and Nebraska, the deserts of Nevada and Arizona, the lowlands of Florida and Louisiana. Many American cities are major tourist centers. San Francisco is famous for its "Golden Gate" and the park of the same name. Atlanta is home to the world's largest aquarium and Stone Mountain Park. Las Vegas is the gambling center of the United States, a city that amazes with the lights of advertising and luxury. Miami doesn't need advertising. This is a city of 35 kilometers of beaches and Tropical Paradise — a park, a zoological and botanical garden with waterfalls, jungles, lakes and tropical animal shows. Each city in America is remarkable in its own way, it is a country of diversity, an amazing synthesis of different cultures and traditions.