Volkswagen launches production of first electric car in US

Volkswagen launches production of first electric car in US

German car manufacturer Volkswagen announced the start of production of an all-electric SUV ID.4 at the Chattanooga plant in Tennessee. Atlas and Volkswagen Passat are already leaving its conveyors, and now the first electric car of this brand will be produced in the United States. Read today in USA.ONE magazine:

Volkswagen has started production of electric crossovers in the States

This should make them cheaper.

Volkswagen electric vehicles will be produced in the USAVolkswagen launches production of first electric car in US

Volkswagen ID.4 began production at the end of 2020. He became the first all-electric crossover of this brand. The electric car was massively bought up in China, Europe and North America. But for residents of the United States, cars remained imported, because the concern had not previously produced them in the United States. And now the production of the ID.4 has officially started in Chattanooga, Tennessee, with an initial investment of $800 million. These include, in particular, the capacity for the production of batteries.

Chattanooga has become one of five Volkswagen plants worldwide that now produce electric vehicles of this brand. The company said the ID.4 is the best-selling BEV. More than 190 thousand of these cars were sold. Already this year, Volkswagen wants to produce 7,000 crossovers per month and increase even more by 2023. Deliveries to ID.4 customers should begin in October 2022. The Tennessee plant currently employs 4,000 people and will be joined by another 1,000 workers due to strong customer demand for electric vehicles.

From October, rear-wheel or all-wheel drive models equipped with an 82 kWh battery will be available to customers. Later, the production of rear-wheel drive versions of the ID.4 will begin with a smaller battery capacity of 62 kW/h. The production of Volkswagen electric vehicles in the United States will reduce their cost for customers. The price of the base model, announced in 2020, started at $40,000 and later rose to $41,230. Now it can decrease to 35 or even 27.5 thousand dollars (including federal subsidies).

Meanwhile, the cost of electric cars in the States is constantly increasing due to rising prices for materials and logistics. Manufacturers are not shy about raising car prices. According to Electrek, in June 2022, the average cost of an electric car increased by 3.8% and exceeded $66,000. And for the year the growth was 13.7%. In the US market, Tesla products are still in the lead, whose value increased by 11.8% over the year and amounted to $68,392. The premium models of the BMW brand are not far behind. Honda and Hyundai went up even more — by 13.9% and 13.6% respectively.

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