Julia Dimante: “The American Dream never came easy to anyone”

Julia Dimante: “The American Dream never came easy to anyone”

About “fabulous” on the way to the American dream , about what half of the so-called injectionists no longer have — hands or aesthetic taste; about work as a philosophy of life and the difference between a diamond and a diamond, we talked with a nurse and aesthetic cosmetologist Julia Dimante — a master of “cutting” precious stones: love, care and constant work on ourselves turn us from diamonds into diamonds, our heroine believes.

Julia Dimante: “The American Dream never came easy to anyone”Julia Dimante: “The American Dream never came easy to anyone”

“Happy and carefree” childhood

If you take a superficial look, then, starting from childhood, Yulia lives the most fabulous story: as a child, she spent almost all her extracurricular time at work with her mother: in a beauty salon — why isn’t every girl’s dream? And here I would like to tell about how the fascinated, enthusiastic Yulia observed amazing reincarnations, inhaled mysterious exciting smells, put the admiring exclamations of the salon visitors into the piggy bank of memories — in a word, she lived in the world of care, care and did not doubt her destiny and future profession … But , in fact, this story did not have a fairy-tale narrative at all, and if everything was given to a different heroine initially and easily, then Yulia Dimante had to “erase seven staffs” in order to come to the embodiment of her American dream. “It was not a fairy tale, but very hard work and trials that are by no means behind us,” Yulia admits.

To begin with, no one asked the girl, who, imitating the salon workers, combed and painted dolls, what she would like to do in the present or future: in fact, raising her younger brother and sister, Yulia felt responsible for her family from an early age . When her father left (the girl was 13 years old), her mother had to work hard to support three children — Yulia had no right to dream of anything other than a career as a financier or lawyer, about a stable income that would help support her family. Circumstances chose her future profession for her, forced her to cram mathematics every day, for which the girl’s soul did not lie at all. Realizing her responsibility, she studied diligently, but secretly, after lessons and electives, she ran away to classes in drawing, dancing and theater art circles.

After school, Yulia entered the University of Business and Finance, and in order to pay for her studies, she simultaneously got a job in a restaurant — first as a dishwasher, then as a cook. After receiving a diploma in finance, she quickly found a job in her specialty. Julia could have built a brilliant career as a banker — a hardworking smart perfectionist — but the monotonous and completely uncreative atmosphere oppressed her. Prestigious work brought money, but not joy: the girl physically felt that she was occupying someone else's place and was not moving towards her destiny. In addition, the dreams of stability were destroyed by the global financial crisis of 2008.

From a banker to an assistant beautician

Julia Dimante: “The American Dream never came easy to anyone”Julia Dimante: “The American Dream never came easy to anyone”

We feel the moment when it's time to change everything, it's time to take a step forward, towards the best of ourselves — this is exactly what happened in Yulia's life. In 2009, she moved to the US — again, driven by the main goal of helping the family. Emigration is not easy for anyone, and almost always you have to start your professional path all over again. Our heroine was no exception, who had neither documents nor English, but had a strong desire to survive and succeed. In order to somehow earn a living, she got a job as an assistant in one of the local beauty salons. Julia again found herself in the world of reincarnations, but this time as an adult — she consciously and thoughtfully observed the very essence of what was happening outside and inside the clients. She noticed something more in these reincarnations: something more than a technically and correctly performed cosmetic procedure — how inspired, confident, charming and as if rested visitors left the salon! And it was then that the voice of calling sounded so clear that it became impossible to ignore it.

She waited five years to start a full-fledged professional ascent: with documents and decent English, Julia entered the Boca Beauty Academy, where she received a Facial Specialist and Laser Technician license. In parallel, she took a make-up course at the ACAS Academy of Сosmetic Arts and Sciences, where she also worked as a creative director of photography and makeup artist. Before graduating from the academy, she got a job at Aqua Laser Studio, and as a licensed specialist, she concentrated on a new, even then very exciting, profile of laser hair removal. The more she worked, the more she wanted to learn, add new procedures, explore the endless possibilities of lasers: removal of pigment, capillaries, photorejuvenation, microneedling, peeling, permanent makeup, needle RF … And this is creativity, Yulia understood, opening a new chapter in her life.

Cosmetologist, part-time psychologist

Working as a hair removal master, she quickly gained a large client base. They signed up for her months in advance, and not only because Yulia was appreciated as an excellent specialist: she often heard from patients that after the visit they felt more confident and whole — better than a psychologist, they said, because Yulia helped them to love yourself.

Working together with a plastic surgeon, she fell more and more in love with aesthetic cosmetology. And here she had an interesting field for observation: on the one hand, she enthusiastically followed the progress of operations and injection procedures, and this mentally returned her to painting (it was as if they were painting with injections, and seeing which cases had to be corrected and literally saved faces , Julia was convinced how critical it is in this profession to have a good aesthetic taste); on the other hand, she began to understand that no injections or plastic surgery can help a person love himself, see himself as a truly beautiful and unique person if these feelings are not inside. Probably, it was then that a clear understanding of complex beauty and help in achieving it was formed in her. Julia will carry this idea through many years of practice and one day she will assemble a unique team of specialists to open her own medical spa center, the philosophy of which will be precisely a holistic, comprehensive, multifaceted approach to achieving beauty — inside and out of a person.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves, and before Yuliya realizes her ideas under the emblem of a multi-faceted diamond, she still has a lot to learn.

Dimante is Latvian for “diamond”

Julia Dimante: “The American Dream never came easy to anyone”Julia Dimante: “The American Dream never came easy to anyone”

A great desire to go further in her beloved field prompted Yulia to get a proper education in nursing, a bachelor's degree, and eventually become a certified specialist in cosmetology. In parallel, she worked as a training specialist in the use of laser devices. After obtaining her nursing license, she moved into the dermatological practice as an injector. Julia studied and continues to study with leading experts, and moreover, she plans to get a master's degree. If you heard the magic melody of a good fairy tale again, then it's time to tell you that our heroine always combined her studies with work for wear and tear: spending on education was added to the amount necessary for survival. In a real, not fictional world, our «Cinderella» was from a simple family, accustomed to need and all kinds of trials. Perhaps now, with some understanding of the circumstances, we can move forward with the success story.

Which of the masters in the field of beauty does not dream of their own office, salon or even a clinic? Julia also dreamed: constantly working, she saved money, worked, worked and decided. “Her dream came true: she opened a beauty clinic in midtown Manhattan!” — a fairy tale and only. The Diamond Advanced Aesthetics medical spa is up and running in its first post-COVID time, in a city still paralyzed by global losses to small businesses, in an atmosphere of entrepreneurial desperation — will NYC get back to normal? Nevertheless, Julia took a risk: she invested in the best and latest devices, technologies and products, because she was sure that this was exactly what she had been going to all her life.

“I suddenly realized that I was ready: the baggage of my knowledge, practice, and most importantly the desire to give each patient a thousand percent of the best care — all this helped me decide. I could no longer work for others, and I was burning with the desire to create my own world of services, which I consider to be of truly high quality,” says Yulia.

On February 1, 2022, she received the keys to the office, from which she did not leave for two weeks — day and night, on weekends, she and her small team were preparing for the opening so that on February 14 (Valentine's Day) to serve, finally, one single client, but but with the surname LOVE (“love”) — this is even impossible to come up with. How much love, tears and sleepless nights were invested!.. The official opening of the salon had to be postponed due to the war in Ukraine, but soon it took place anyway, because Diamond Advanced Aesthetics is a practice of confronting difficulties with love and only love. Hence the philosophy and the name of the salon: just as painstaking work, cutting turn a diamond into a diamond, so love, care and the same painstaking all-round work on the development of our personality (not just appearance) make us “diamonds” — diamonds. And Julia knows how to guide and help along this path — it is not for nothing that her surname Dimante is translated from Latvian as “diamond”.

The clinic is not even six months old, but it is already quite popular. Julia refuses to reveal the secret of this popularity, citing her perfectionist vision of growth opportunities, but her colleagues and subordinates willingly say that Julia is one of those who “made themselves”: purposeful, endlessly hardworking and warm-hearted. And this is what makes her, and with her the entire spa, unique: she sincerely cares about each patient and always gives her best. Julia laughs: “If I had enough money, I would still do the same. You are asking about the secret of success… It is success, the health and beauty of my patients are still interconnected!”

Interview recorded by Anna Trubacheva

* Diamond Advanced Aesthetics Clinic offers:

  • Advanced PRFM
  • Chemical peels
  • Cybele
  • Neuromodulators
  • Nordlis
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