In Los Angeles, will launch a new alert system for earthquakes

In Los Angeles, will launch a new alert system for earthquakes

Researchers have announced that next year in California is scheduled for launch early warning system for earthquakes, which can send an alarm to schools, transit Agency, and even on your own smartphone before the aftershocks will be felt where you are. Earthquakes are notoriously difficult to predict. Therefore, the system Shake Alert can warn you about the disaster in just a few seconds before it starts, however, even this time can be important when it comes to finding shelter.

To thank for the creation of such a signaling system, we need modern communications technology. Shock waves from an earthquake move at the speed of sound. Modern phones can send and receive data much faster. For clarity, consider this example: if an earthquake by force 7,8 points occurred in the Salton Sea, it will take a minute to feel the aftershocks in Los Angeles. By the time the Shake Alert system will tell you that you need to find something sturdy to stay on his feet. With the development of the system it can be integrated directly into the infrastructure, to start, for example, open Elevator doors before you get into the trap, and warn school teachers, so they have time to take the children to a safe place.

The project alert system has been in development for some time. In the last few years scientists carried out testing. In 2014 it was used when the earthquake occurred in the NAPA valley. The system successfully sends an alarm to those who had access to trial the system for 8 seconds before they felt a jolt.

A similar system was created in Japan and have been able to prevent accidents in Railways and other dangerous consequences of earthquakes.

Technology this level is not cheap. According to experts, only start Shake Alert will cost the state $38,3 million, and $ 16.1 million a year needed for its operation. Fortunately, the taxpayers will not have to pay for such expensive but very useful toy, although some taxes will be allocated for this purpose when the system is put into operation.