TOP 13 U.S. cities with the biggest traffic jams

TOP 13 U.S. cities with the biggest traffic jams

The average American spends 42 hours a year in traffic jams — these are the findings of the Texas Transportation Institute.

TomTom, a navigation and mapping company, has assessed the traffic situation in the cities of USA in 2017.

TomTom estimated 189 cities over a nine year period and gave each index in percent. The index shows how much additional travel time on average it takes to get from one point of town to another, reports Business insider.

«Baker’s dozen» US cities with the biggest traffic looks like this:

13. Baton Rouge received 26%. This means that the average driver or passenger spends 26% more time to reach their destination. In 2016 this index in the city increased by 3%.

12. Atlanta was ahead of Baton Rouge with a rate of 27%, which is also 3% more than last year.

11. At San Diego the same rate of congestion, and Atlanta is 27%.

10. Boston received a rating of 28%, which is 3% more than in the previous year.

9. Washington got 29%, and it is also higher than in 2016-m to year.

8. Honolulu — 29%. The result, as Washington, but there is much more traffic in the morning.

7. Portland also received the rating of traffic jams in 29%, but then in the second half of the day dramatically increases the number of cars on the roads, in contrast to the same Honolulu or Boston.

6. Miami got 30%, which is 2% more than in the previous year.

5. From San Jose the rate of traffic amounted to 32%, or 2% more than in 2016.

4. Seattle was rated at 34%, increasing the last year’s indicator by 3%.

So, only the top three tubes. «Bronze» goes to new York with a valuation of 35%.
«Silver» traffic — San Francisco — 39%.

But «gold» as in the past year, went to Los Angeles. According to estimates TomTom, drivers and passengers are required to 45% more time to get where they need to.