Hackers leaked unaired episode of «Game of Thrones»

Hackers leaked unaired episode of «Game of Thrones»

The American television channel HBO announces of the hacker attack, which was stolen by the script not yet released episode of «Game of Thrones».

In NVO, the Association of Corporation Time-Warner, declined to comment about the theft.

«Many of you already know about the incident cyberincidents, which was stolen confidential information» — the representative of the channel Richard Plepler alerted employees, who in turn told it to the reporters.

As mentioned earlier, the company has not commented on the situation, citing the «ongoing investigation» law enforcement.

Entertainment Weekly reported that the hackers stole 1.5 terabytes of information and have put on display some of the following episodes of «Game of Thrones».

On Sunday, Reuters news Agency received a message from an anonymous source who claims that he stole information from the channel and the series «Game of Thrones».