The family found their «euthanized» a dog in a shelter

The family found their «euthanized» a dog in a shelter

Last fall, the family from Farmington, Utah, had an accident, got sick of their favorite, a dog named Zoe. The situation seemed hopeless, the animal was getting worse, it was suffering from seizures and on her side there was a large tumor. Was then made the difficult decision is to euthanize the dog.

At the end of November Tawney Coates, the owner of Zoe, asked his father to do something that she hadn’t enough self-control to take the animal to the vet for the last time. Zoe went to a veterinary clinic Bayview Animal Hospital, where, according to the receipt and recording in medical records, she was put to sleep and cremated.

The family found their «euthanized» a dog in a shelter


The Coates family grieved the loss of their pet, therefore, some time later, Tawney began to look for a replacement Zoe. It was decided to take in a family has an adult boxer (as Zoe) from a shelterthat the children were easier to get used to it and cope with the loss. Tawni started looking for a suitable version online and accidentally stumbled upon a group to rescue boxers in Facebook. Flipping through the pictures, she noticed a dog like Zoe, and looked the more she realized that this is her Zoe, which was allegedly drugged. What can I say? Sometimes the impossible very possible.

The investigation leading journalists …

Journalists news resource KSL decided to find out how sick the dog has become a Phoenix rising from the ashes. They went to the clinic Bayview Animal Hospital Dr. Mary Smart, who was involved in Zoe months ago. The vet said that despite health problems, the animal should not have been put to sleep. She suggested that the father Tawney, Mr. Koutsou, alternatives to euthanasia, such as surgery, medication and even just leave it as is and do nothing. But the man insisted on euthanasia, and the doctor had the impression that Zoe is no longer needed by her family.

Then she decided to help the dog, the veterinarian obtained the necessary papers on euthanasia, and then spent paid by check money for surgery to remove the tumor. After Zoe finally recovered after treatment, she was sent to the orphanage in order to find her a new home. And almost immediately a photo of her I saw tawni.

Who is right?

Reporters also spoke to Mr. Coates, who denies everything said by the vet. He says it not a word is said about the treatment and was not offered any options to save the life of Zoe.
To find out who is telling the truth, we, unfortunately, can not. Dr. Smart made a tough choice, save the animal, which, ultimately, returned to a loving family.

Her act can be condemned with a professional or even moral point of view, because the vet had no right to deceive customers. If she wanted to maintain the life of the animal, she could simply refuse the procedure and send Mr. Coates to another specialist. However, if she did so, keeping to the Protocol, 10-year-old Zoe just would have died, and the Coats family would not be able to hug my absolutely favorite healthy again.