Manhattanites tired of the daily spectacle 18+ from the Windows of The Public Hotel

Manhattanites tired of the daily spectacle 18+ from the Windows of The Public Hotel

In June of this year in the Lower East side opened four-star Hotel The Public with gorgeous panoramic Windows. The hotel rooms are very comfortable, it allows customers to feel free and relaxed like home. But this circumstance had caused the problem.

The fact that most of the guests completely forget about the rest of the world, when expresses love to your partner on the white sheets of the king-size beds. Quite simply, closing the curtains.

The close proximity of the residential complex makes love joy in the present show. This raises the IRE of local residents.

“As a parent, you don’t want your child staring out the window and saw some of the events,” said Christopher Mathis, one of the tenants of the house opposite.

“Last night two people did it. If my sons were young now, I’d be humiliated” – shared experiences 63-year-old Catherine Bruno.

Some guests even repeat one of the scenes shown in the film ‘Shame’ («Shame»), where the main character, whose role performed by Michael Fassbender, unashamedly making love with a partner, drawing directly into the window of your room in a new York hotel.

In addition to forced circumstances to be a witness to someone else’s private life, the neighbors are experiencing discomfort from noise and loud music on weekends , the rooftop bar.

At this point, two months after the opening of The Public Hotel, the city has already received 47 complaints about noise from neighbors of the controversial hotel. Association of tenants (The Tenants Association) undertook the preparation of a collective letter to the management of the hotel.

But according to lance Fletcher, whose law firm handles cases about indecent behaviour in public places, the hotel cannot oblige their guests to curtain the Windows.

“If you are at home or somewhere [like the hotel], then you’re safe. [The neighbors] should close the curtains or look away”, he said.

But the locals said that you can’t pull the blinds in the summer due to running of air conditioners.

The only way out of the situation, according to Fletcher, is the tinted Windows.

The Public Hotel has not commented on the situation. In the building of 28-storey hotel that has more than 360 rooms, which cost starts from $225 per night.