Dunkin’ Donuts has apologized for refusing to serve police officers

Dunkin’ Donuts has apologized for refusing to serve police officers

The owner of Dunkin’ Donuts plans to meet with two police officerswho complained that they were refused service in one of the institutions Dunkin’ Donuts in Brooklyn. The owner is going to personally bring them an apology, said the statements of the police Union and the world famous doughnuts.

Two officers of the 73rd Precinct, was dressed in civilian clothes, but the belts were attached to their badges and service weapons when they entered the Dunkin’ Donuts/Baskin-Robbins on 1993 Atlantic Ave., tell the Association of detectives.

When detectives approached the counter to order ice cream, the staff ignored them. The cashier asked about the order the man who was standing in line behind the officers, and when he said that in front of him, still standing two policemen, an employee of the café said: «I know, but I don’t do cops,» they say in Union.

The head of the NYPD’s James O’neill and mayor bill de Blasio condemned the incident.

«If it was as you describe, someone was completely stupid and unfair to our police,» said Blasio, when on Thursday he was asked about the incident.

Michael Palladino, President Detectives’ Endowment Association, has threatened to lead a boycott of the entire network of Dunkin’ Donuts, if a major Corporation Dunkin’ Brands, don’t apologize the whole police force of new York. He also criticized the political leaders of the city, which, according to him, has created an atmosphere of hostility towards the police.

On Thursday the press-Secretary of Dunkin Brands Michelle king released a statement stating that the owner of the franchise after learning about the incident, immediately instructed to deal with the problem.

«He contacted one of the police officers to personally apologize for all the negative experience that one could learn from institutions», — said in a release king.

King also noted that the owner will meet with police in person to apologize.
It is unknown were or will be punished by the employee who had been rude with the police.

Apology of the Corporation not touched all of the NYPD, so it’s not clear is whether the threat Palladino about the boycott in force, according to nbcnewyork