The tradition of new York – opening of fire hydrants

The tradition of new York – opening of fire hydrants

In new York to find refuge from the summer heat is not so easy.

This is largely due to the state of public pools in the city. Of course, they exist, but they are still not enough, they are crowded, and some simply will not follow all the rules and restrictions (no food, no phones, no swimming without a special hat, no beach balls, and so on).

The tradition of new York – opening of fire hydrants

In the end, the enterprising people of new York in the XIX century invented a totally free escape from the heat in the streets – they began to open fire hydrants.

This was first officially permitted during incredible heat , 1896, which lasted 10 days and claimed the lives of over 1,300 people.

Then the fire hydrants were opened to cool the streets and help wash away the accumulated piles of garbage.

New Yorkers liked it so that this summer fun has become increasingly popular.

However, soon it had to prohibitthat, however, did not prevent individual residents to arrange spontaneous fountain on the streets.

As 6sqft reports, in 1972 during the summer heat, the children opened so many hydrants that the city dropped the water pressure. The solution was found – the city has released a special spray nozzle, which reduced the water flow in the hydrant with 1,700 gallons a minute to 25.

Can we legally open a hydrant to bathe in the heat? Yes, you need to contact your local fire Department for the atomizer. Of course, the super Aqua Park so it does not, but all will be according to the law.

If you open a hydrant without an atomizer, and you’re detained, it is threatened with a fine of $ 1,000 or a month in prison.