The enterprising teenager earned $20,000 into the queue

The enterprising teenager earned $20,000 into the queue

The enterprising teenager from Texas has earned a fortune on line. 15-year-old Desmond Roldan from Austin makes the fact that standing in queues to putraka with BBQ is too busy adults. It’s hard to believe, but starting to earn some money so at the age of 13, guy for 2 years earned nearly $ 20,000.

The fact that in a queue to be especially popular Tutrakan, such as Franklin’s, you can stand for hours. Not everyone is a fan of «tasty» allow yourself to spend half a day to stand in a 5-6-7 hour lineup. And here comes the Roldan.

The enterprising teenager earned $20,000 into the queue

The idea of the boy came in 7th grade when looking for a part-time job for the summer, he faced the fact that too young, and no one is willing to take it to work. Then uncle Desmond offered to pay him for what he’ll stand in line at Franklin’s stead. So the guy earned his first money. Subsequently, Roldan even the company has launched its called BBQ Fast Pass.

Some businesses, including all the same referred to Franklin’s, eventually banned the use of «siterow» in order to save time on queues, but there were still those who did not against such «workers» (for example, La Barbecue or Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ in the queue here boy and projivaet all day).

But the guy is not only a «sitter», it also provides phone consultations for those who want to hurry through a 6-hour turn at Franklin’s in exchange for a small donation to Austin Dog Rescue.

Part of the money Roldan spent on the purchase of your own car, the rest of the money the guy puts on the College.

The biggest earnings for one order Roldan calls $ 200.

An example of a smart and enterprising student named Desmond Roldan once again shows that you can earn literally everything, it would wish.

Eating franklins Bbq with no wait thanks to @BBQFastPass #franklinsbbq thanks Desmond!

— Sara Payne (@raisingpaynes) September 26, 2015

Shipping 12 pounds of brisket for my California people. @ATXFastPass ships!

— Desmond (@ATXFastPass) May 26, 2016