Escort robbed the company of a lover for $6 million

Escort robbed the company of a lover for $6 million

Crystal Lundberg, an employee of the escort services and a former employee of the company for the delivery of drugs from Buffalo Grove, Illinois, are accused of credit card fraud of the company, with whom the couple took $ 5.8 million.

As reported by the Chicago Tribune, 43-year-old Kennedy worked as chief financial officer in the company Nemera when I met Crystal on the website which advertises sex and escort services. According to the FBI, the first time he gave her access to a credit card company in November 2015, when she asked me to help buy Christmas gifts for their daughters.

Escort robbed the company of a lover for $6 million

Kennedy claims that he «was a fool and wasn’t supposed to trust her», but the girl’s lawyer Marc Carlos said, that Scott is responsible for the fraud.

«Crystal Lundberg – not a financial genius, she never finished College and was not the brains of the operation,» — said the lawyer. «He just needs something to do to pass on to her responsibility.»

From November 2015 to March 2017, the couple spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on plastic surgery, Crystal in Miami, to purchase watches Rolex worth $60 thousand, Concierge and chauffeur for the daughters of crystal for $8 thousand a month, a maid of two purebred dogs, trips to Bali, France, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Santorini, Bora Bora and the Fiji Islands, rental house in San Diego for $12 thousand a month.

The total cost amounted to almost $ 6 million.

Scott Kennedy also told the FBI that he «wanted to build a family with krystal,» and that she allegedly made him believe that later will reimburse his expenses. According to her, in her childhood, she was adopted by a rich family that created the trust Fund in her name, in the amount of $ 4 million, and access to the funds she can get in 30 years.

The investigation is ongoing.