Scandal in Google around the subject of gender

Scandal in Google around the subject of gender

One of the engineers Google sent out by internal mail of the company a Manifesto, in which he expressed the opinion of why technology companies are so few women.

Full 10-page text was published on Gizmodo.

Scandal in Google around the subject of gender

In his «essay-Manifesto,» an anonymous member says that women are much less represented in technical and IT-companies , not because they face bias and discrimination in the workplace, but because of the biological and psychological differences between men and women.

«Women are more neurotic, and emotional, and that can be a determining factor in high load conditions», — the author writes and adds that men are much more «inclined to logical thinking, at the time, as women to aesthetics and the senses.»

The opinion drew a wide response, from outrage to support.

«It’s good that people speak openly about it and not holding it in,» he told ABC7 Tech Industry analyst, Rob Enderle. «This proves that the problem exists. It would be possible to block such messages, but you cannot change a person’s opinion without hearing of this opinion.»

In response to the incident, the new Google Vice President for diversity Daniel brown sent all employees a letter.

«We are fully convinced that diversity-including gender – is a key component of our success, and will continue so, although the prejudice is very difficult to change,» — said in the letter.