Scientists warn — from loneliness to die

Scientists warn — from loneliness to die

Want to live to a ripe old age? Plenty communicate. Such a simple recipe for longevity found scientists, psychologists and doctors.

Loneliness doubles the risk of premature death. It does not matter whether limited people contact on their own or in society, but inside feels alone — the result will be the same. These shocking data was published in a press release from the American psychological Association. The experts concluded, after analyzing 70 studies, which were attended by 3.4 million residents in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia.

Scientists warn — from loneliness to die

A disappointing verdict is confirmed by data from the National institutes of health, according to which social exclusion causes the body such as harmful as Smoking and alcoholism, leading to hypertension, coronary heart disease and strokes.

It turns out that dying from loneliness is really possible — in the most literal sense of the expression.

Taking into account this situation, the physicians recognize the loneliness shifted the obesity with the top step of ranking the main health problems in the United States. It suffers from more than 42 million people in the country from 45 years. In the area of special risk — the elderly around the age of 70 years.

But there are people who are comfortable for long periods of time is alone. Maybe for them alone useful? Unfortunately, it is not. Experts recommend Munis to change the way of life to maintain health.