In Chicago tell you what to do in a nuclear attack

In Chicago tell you what to do in a nuclear attack

What to do in case of nuclear attack?

Not so long ago it seemed an abstract question. But in light of the statements of North Korea and Donald trump, it becomes clear that the threat is growing.

In Chicago tell you what to do in a nuclear attack

We will remind, Pyongyang stated that it «considers the plan a nuclear strike» on the island of GUAM, located where U.S. military base. In turn, the US President Donald trump said that America will meet any external threat «fire and fury».

Yesterday, at a press conference in new Jersey, trump said that this warning was not tough enough. When asked what can be more stringent, the President replied: «You will see. See.»

And although experts say North Korea still far away from creating an Intercontinental ballistic missile, the official site Chicago has a special section on what to do in case of nuclear attack.

If you are near the explosion:

  • turn away, close your eyes
  • lie on the ground face down, stretch your arms along the body
  • don’t go up until, until the heat and two shock waves

If you’re on the street:

  • find something to cover the mouth and nose, such as a scarf, handkerchief or other fabric
  • clean the dust from your clothes, but cover your mouth and nose while you do it
  • go to a shelter, basement or other underground area, preferably located in the direction of the wind
  • when possible, change clothes, take a shower and wash your hair.

If you’re inside:

  • close your mouth and nose with a mask or scarf, until you know that the radioactive cloud has passed
  • than close any vents and doors and Windows. When the cloud passes, they open to provide air circulation
  • stay inside until the authorities say to get out safely
  • follow the instructions on the radio or television. There you can talk about the evacuation
  • eat the food that was kept closed. Do not drink water from open sources.