In Los Angeles there was a demonstration against racism

In Los Angeles there was a demonstration against racism

On Sunday around 14:00 residents of Los Angeles gathered in downtown to Express proest against chauvinism. The reason for the meeting, there were mass riots on the marsh white nationalists in Charlottesville, Virginia, during which injured 35 people.

The protesters came to city hall steps and then marched through the main streets. Many of them blamed Saturday’s tragedy in the Donald trump. Near the building of city Council was made by several speakers condemning the racism, xenophobia and commander.

Scenes from the refuse racism march in downtown Los Angeles.

— Marcus Yam (@yamphoto) August 13, 2017

The demonstrators chanted «Down with trump, Down with the KKK, no fascism in the United States», «Down with fear, down with the hate, welcome the immigrants.» In the hands of some of them were posters with slogans: «Stop the terrorism», «the Impeachment Nazi» and other similar statements.

Similar marches were held across the United States, particularly in new York, Seattle, Chicago, Portland, Boston, and Greenville.

In Atlanta and DECATUR Protestants commemorated the 32-year-old girl who died yesterday in Charlottesville.

Candlelight vigil in the wake of the violence in #CharlottesvilleVA happening now in downtown #Decatur.

— Rikki Klaus (@RikkiKlausWSB) August 13, 2017

In new York the police dispersed the demonstrators using LRAD device.

The NYPD has busted out the LRAD (sound weapon military grade) at NYC Charlottesville solidarity rally.

— Keegan Stephan (@KeeganNYC) August 13, 2017

We will remind that on Saturday a meeting of white nationalists ended with two tragedies. After the dispersal of a violent demonstration car crashed into a group of kontrprotestuyuschih, resulting in 19 people were injured and one girl died.

Shortly thereafter, the helicopter crashed with two policemen, performing the task associated with the suppression of the riots. Both law enforcement officers were killed.

Another 15 people were injured during clashes at the rally.