The mayor of Charlottesville: trump «encouraged» racists

The mayor of Charlottesville: trump «encouraged» racists

The mayor is a Democrat Charlottesville Michael Signer said on CNN that the President is Donald trump their campaign «encouraged» organized groups of racists in action.

«Look at his campaign, its slogan,» said Signer. He called on all to unite in the fight against racists, adding that it needs to be done, and trump.

The mayor of Charlottesville: trump «encouraged» racists

Recall, on the weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia, broke out the riots and clashes between far-right demonstrators and protesters against them. As a result, one right-wing rammed the car of the crowd – a girl died, 19 others were injured.

In response to the incident President Donald trump blamed the «many sides». Michael Signer said later that, of course, not just trump.

«Violence from the proponents of «white supremacy» has demonstrated that the basic democratic principles of the country destroyed, but people have the opportunity to change for the better. They will answer the darkness with light,» said the mayor of Charlottesville.

On the same day Advisor to the White house for homeland security Tom Bossert supported the statement made by trump about «the fault of many parties,» but added that the man, sending the car into the crowd, undergo rapid justice. «The President of the United States shares this view, I know,» said Bossert.

Meanwhile, the Senate of the state of Illinois adopted a resolution urging law enforcement to recognize the racist and neo-Nazi groups as terrorist organizations.

«They are the heirs of the Ku Klux Klan and the Nazis. We fought them in two wars – civil and international. And we must continue to fight those same ideologies today,» said Senator don Harmon.