Fleas Arizona have discovered the plague

Fleas Arizona have discovered the plague

Physicians Arizona are sounding the alarm — live in the state of fleas found plague. Dangerous infection was struck by insects in two North state counties: Coconino and Navajo.

In this situation, local health departments urge the public to exercise caution and advised to avoid potential carriers of the disease, which can be not only fleas, but also rabbits, rodents and predators feeding on them.

Fleas Arizona have discovered the plague

Residents and visitors to the region should stay away from dead or sick animals and not to leave Pets and livestock unattended.

Despite the fact that most of us plague known only from history books, the disease is rampant on the globe so far — only on a much smaller scale. If in the middle Ages the infection has killed millions of people, in our days it annually affects 2.5 thousand. Modern medicine has reduced the mortality rate from 95-100% to 5-10%. However, in the case of the so-called «fulminant forms of the disease» to diagnose him and save the patient rarely.

According to the Centers for control and prevention of diseases, outbreaks of plague occasionally occur in Arizona and other southwestern States, where the winters are wet and summers are cool.

According to doctors, the plague is highly contagious. It is transmitted to humans through a flea bite and direct contact with an infected animal. Symptoms: fever, weakness, swelling of the lymph nodes. In the absence of timely treatment the infection affects the lungs and other internal organs. The General condition of the patient becomes extremely heavy, and the probability of death increases.