A young mother who left her baby on the street, can go to jail for 20 years

A young mother who left her baby on the street, can go to jail for 20 years

Last week, the 21-year-old Sidney Wojtaszczyk, living in Texas, abandoned his newborn daughter, leaving her in the street several hours after birth. The girl has already filed charges in court. She could be sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Wojtaszczyk told the investigators that did not know about her pregnancy and scared when labor began. However, law enforcement officers don’t trust her.

On the contrary, they believe that she just hide her pregnancy from the rest, and therefore gave birth to a daughter in your own kitchen, and then independently cut his umbilical cord.

Around midnight, Sidney went outside, hid his child among the bushes, and then went home to sleep.

Six hours of a baby found albert Peterson, a resident of one of the neighboring houses. Nude girl covered in ant bites, was lying on the ground. The man made a video of what he saw the scene and called the police.

Now the child is in the intensive care unit for newborns. A correctly cut the umbilical cord, the girl contracted a bacterial infection.

Moreover, doctors said that if the child was found two hours later, the girl could not survive. But now she’s much better now.

Investigators were able to find Wojtaszczyk trail of bloodthat led to her apartment, where she lives with her boyfriend Deandre Stylemom.

Sidney Skillern Woytasczyk and Harlan pictures,abandoned baby with her umbilical cord still attached https://t.co/qeLBr6mnN8 pic.twitter.com/pxs5NQ5z60

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As admitted Sidney, her inhibitions and fears that a child might be a hindrance in her relationship with Stylemom, who she claims is the father of the child.

On Friday he took testimony. The young man was trying to prove that Sydney really didn’t know about her pregnancy. At the moment the police suspect him of involvement in the crime.

Deandre passed the tests to conduct a DNA paternity test to get custody of a newborn. The results are not yet known.

To become a guardian for her granddaughter and wants the mother of Sidney, as well as volunteers, who contacted child protective services in Texas, when he learned about the incident.

Yesterday, 15 August, in one of the courts of Texas County of Harris held the first meeting in the matter of Wojtaszczyk. The suspect did not deny the charges against her and described how to get rid of the child.

If the judge admits the girl is guilty, then Sydney could spend «behind bars» for 20 years. However, now Sydney was released on bail amount of $20,000.

Law enforcement agencies recommend that all expectant mothers to see the law «On the safe havens», which allows them to anonymously and with impunity to leave their kids under the age of 60 days at fire stations or hospitals.

Texas became the first statewhere was adopted the law, which is informally called the Baby Moses Law. It happened in 1999.