Two brave dogs saved the children from poisonous snakes

Two brave dogs saved the children from poisonous snakes

It is difficult to imagine a more loyal friends than dogs. Four-legged pet is always ready to protect and save the owner, not thinking about their own safety.

This has been the case in Florida, where after the recent rains observed a real invasion of snakes.

Two brave dogs saved the children from poisonous snakes

Melisa butt from Brandon, Hillsborough County, convinced that knowingly holds house two dogs — Slayer and Paco, who. saved the lives of her grandchildren.

When 4-year-old Zayden year-old and Mallory were happily walking in the yard, they crept up the Copperhead. Passionate about the game, the children did not notice that poisonous snake approached him to a distance of several centimeters. Fortunately, the reptile has not escaped the attention of dogs — pit bull Terriers without hesitation rushed at the intruder and started barking to ward off from kids.

The Copperhead did not like this Prem and he attacked the four-legged guards: Paco he got stung in the paw, Slayer in the face.

Two brave dogs saved the children from poisonous

The frightened hostess rushed to a veterinary clinic, Blue Pearl, where her Pets extra injected the antidote. The antidote worked, and the dog survived, but Slayer required expensive rehabilitation. Came to help rescue animals and dozens of people who without hesitation threw herself on the treatment of heroes.

«I am endlessly grateful to Blue Pearl and Frankie’s Friends. I don’t know what I would have done without them,» admitted butt.

According to the woman, Paco already at home, but his friend still in the hospital. Slayer face was badly swollen and he cannot eat normally. «The prognosis is favorable, but he needs a little more attention,» says BATT.